Why us?

With over 10 years’ experience within the construction industry, our professional pilots have surveying backgrounds with the knowledge and skill to get the job done. Our company provides a safe and legal service promoting a strong emphasis on Health and Safety.

What you get working with Obsidian

Time Saving
Unlike traditional methods of data collection our drone services and solutions enable operations to be carried out within shorter time frames.

Cost Saving
Drone inspections offer the client value, as surveys are undertaken without the need for:-

  • erecting scaffold (expensive and time consuming)
  • producing temporary works/ survey platforms
  • hire costs for high-level access equipment.

Drones have so much to offer by keeping project costs to a minimal.

Digital information significantly improves the quality of our client’s business processes by providing a more comprehensive resolution picture of site progress and building assets.

Our drone 2D/3D maps and models are highly accurate. Our camera capability allows us to survey ‘up close’ by keeping to a safe distance within the parameters of CAP 722.

Safety & Regulations
This is at the forefront of all our work which fully complies with UK/ Irish laws and regulations to ensure no liability for our clients.

Our insurance complies with EU Regulation EC 785/2004.

CAA/ IAA Licensed Pilots
We operate throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with a ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ from the CAA.

Qualified Surveyors
All our pilots are professionally qualified surveyors with local and international experience.

Our Services

Aerial Inspections

Aerial inspections enable what was previously an expensive and difficult task be achieved in a safer, cheaper and quicker timeframe. Employing UAV’s enables sites to remain open while the survey is being carried out, limiting disruption to daily operations (unless in a public area where the necessary safety precautions will be implemented). Drone inspections enable regular maintenance to be conducted throughout.

Thermal Imaging

Using thermal imaging systems on UAVs offers a range of unique advantages when conducting thermal surveys. It is a non-invasive method of assessing electrical issues, moisture damage and energy conservation for any structure. It can also be used to check for animal nests, leaks, proper installation of insulation, solar panel inspections and even spot areas that may shortly require maintenance. It is highly accurate and fast.

Unlike ground level surveys, UAV based thermal surveys present fewer risks to the personnel involved and enable sites to remain operational.

3D Mapping

Obsidian specialise in photogrammetry 3D mapping. Our drone pilots are industry experienced in land surveying and construction. Drones can quickly and easily fly the area of construction sites. High-resolution maps and 3D models of on-site progress throughout all stages offers significant efficiency gains compared to traditional methods.

Our cloud-based 3D mapping software uses powerful servers to plot and construct the 3D model and the turnaround for most 3D mapping jobs is 24-48 hours.

Construction Monitoring

Drones are a fantastic tool for monitoring construction progress. The drone can capture progress from multiple perspectives and capture areas not accessible from the ground level. The ongoing monitoring can be a useful tool for marketing purposes and measuring progress against programme.